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GiD things is a blogspot for students studying the Graphics, Illustration and Digital Media specialism on the Leeds College of Art Foundation Diploma in Art & Design course. This blog exists to highlight contemporary designers and their practises which are relevant to ongoing studies and topics investigated throughout the course.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

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Friday, 7 January 2011

Manifesto hints

“Each day for 30 days I will make a new object, installation or creative intervention while going about my daily life. At home, in the studio, on the train or wherever my day takes me, I will attempt to make something that interests me creatively and then quickly document it on the Variations on normal website via photographs, drawings or video. Each day I will receive a small budget of £10 for materials.
I believe that this self-imposed project with it’s constraints on time and money will force me to take an instinctive and experimental approach. The fear of failure and the usual time spent thinking through the potential pitfalls of a project will not be an option and I will need to react swiftly to my thoughts, observations and experimental outcomes discovered along the way. I am not focused solely on the final objects or images but on the creative journey I take. Complete failures are expected and embraced.” Domic Wilcox

Graphic Design isn't interesting.

Design is a joke.

Limits are possibilities.

Ideas are whores.

Apple. Apple.

Find faults not friends.

Eat with your eyes.

Never become a professional.

It's always better to be honest.

Value freedom not genius. craig oldham

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